Brand Products

We signed license agreements with SungjinCore’s global kitchenware brands
and introduce them to our domestic customers.

Brand Story

In the STOKE-ON-TRENT, home of British ceramics, REID & CO has become a well-known brand with the ROSLYN name attached to ceramics produced at ROSLYN WORKS since 1913. We are fully supported by our customers thanks to its unique modern and antique design and strong durability.

Brand Story

DONATI is a brand of GIARETTI ITALIA SRL, which is represented by Antonio, an expert in Italian kitchen appliances. GIARETTI ITALIA SRL has grown into a global brand with design, pattern research and development, and global marketing support. The cleanliness of the product is maintained for a long time, and the kitchen can be made more colorful and richer, thus attracting high customer satisfaction.

  • "주방에 아름다움을 더하다"
  • Airtight food container
  • put (sth in/into sth
  • Transparent

What are we put in glass food container?
Whoever used airtight food container is used for same thinking and same purpose to keep newly delicious foods or leftover foods.
if so, what is other competitors product put in glass food container?
kitchen tools used in the kitchen are the same.
So then, what should Monomode put into glass food container?
Even though products are same product and same design, we have to put our own thinking into our food container.
The function of the kitchen utensils is the same. For someone, this might be becoming inteior props,
It is also used as an essential tools to provide fresh food for family
So, monomode is not only one of the props that developed as love for the family, good quality, modern design. but also symbol to appeal that it is a props and a product that full of care for the family.

  • 가족에 대한 사랑과
  • 주방의 아름다움을 가꿔주는 품격있는 디자인
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