Business Overview

“Creates a kitchen where you want to stay.”

SungjinCore will provide your kitchen a desirable place to stay through eco-friendly materials,
visual pleasure, and customer convenience.


“Significant goal leads the good result.”

We will make the three goals as prioirty for your company and become one of the leading kitchen wear production and distribution companies in Korea that meet the expectations of our customers.

  • Kichenware Representative

    We will represent a market leading company based on our driving force and technology from product planning to final production.

  • Practical & Artistic

    We will contribute to providing cozy and relaxed kitchen and improving quality of life by satisfying both practicality and visual beauty.

  • Leading Kitchen-Culture

    We will lead the kitchen culture with the belief that we do not simply sell our products but also bring the value to space.


“Performance is built on faith.”

SungjinCore has earned the trust of many customers by carrying out all projects
under the specific belief of 'challenge', 'will' and 'creation'.

  • Challenge

    We will lead the change and innovation of the industry rather than settling for the conventional way or framework.

  • Will

    We will be strong and not give up even if we encounter any difficulties and fulfill our tasks to meet your needs.

  • Creation

    We will inspire originality and identity of a new paradigm in products and strive to be different from other companies.