SungjinCore’s ceramic products maximize the intrinsic
natural beauty of the material and make the kitchen a more elegant space.

Bone China
SungjinCore’s bone China
  • Contains bone ash more than 40% and has excellent whiteness and flood light.
  • It is lighter and stronger than other china.
  • The colors are soft and luxurious and the design is highly preferred.
Representative Product
SungjinCore’s porcelain ware
  • The main component is kaolin vitrified at 1300 degree high temperature calcination, very strong and durable.
  • You can feel higher visual value compared to other ceramics.
Representative Product
Sungjin Core’s Stoneware
  • It is a natural material mixture, hygienic and harmless to human body.
  • Our price is relatively reasonable compared to other materials made ceramics.
Representative Product