Business Field

“It is different with SungjinCore.”

Corporate promotion support

Based on the initial request for all kitchenware, we dominate the success of our client being responsible for the whole process from planning, design development, production, inspection, and stocking. We will help unique design to win in the competition with other companies.

Samsung & Samsung Life Insurance

We have been constantly making contracts and delivering products since 2013. We analyzed the needs of our customers and showed products that mainly housewives preferred.

Signature Product
Hite Jinro

We have delivered glass product since 2012, and continue to provide promotion products applied by trendy design.


We signed a deal in 2015 with NH. We are considering the characteristics and preferences of the company, we mainly produce and deliver products that focus on practicality.


Dongsuh has grown together with us being our partner since SungjinCore's founding. We produce and supply the promotional items that are compatible with the company's products.

Signature Product
Wholesale Distribution

We are standing at the beginning of the process of delivering the highest quality kitchenware to consumers by wholesaling their products at affordable prices.

Wholesale Contract

We supply the product to customer with wholesale contract.

Market Supply

We supply various hotel and restaurant wares in the major wholesale markets.

Operates a direct management store

We operate a direct management store (Corporate store) for wholesalers and vendors.