• Establishment of corporation for production and sales in Europe and Africa market
  • Launched Italian brand license, OEM and production of glass and cooking vessel
  • Launched the UK-brand Roslin licensing agreement, imported porcelain and OEM production
  • Own brand Mono Mode brand trademark applied and product launched
  • Established production technology guidance and global OEM system in 14 companies in China, 4 in Southeast Asia, 2 in Europe
  • Korean ceramics (Living & Korea) technical support and trademark license agreement contract, product expected to be launched
  • Expansion of oven heat-sealed container export network in USSAM Club, expansion of export market in China and establishment of sales subsidiary in China
  • Established domestic supply contract and production under Chinese Yongshin Glass Technology Agreement (Hansolas Investment Company)
  • Taiwan Glass exclusive rights agreement signed in the domestic market, trademark license for Parka glass
  • Insulation and cold-rolled stainless steel products
  • Signed exclusive contract with Kedahunsa Indonesia which has the world’s largest facility, (technology and production support) and exclusive contract with Marinex Brazil
  • Established affiliate of Fine Auto Living Co., Ltd.
  • Opened our direct management store/launched Chefline brand ceramics
  • Established new production system of glass and porcelain transfer processing equipment in our subsidiary company
  • Established Sungjin Core Co., Ltd. Signed contract with Doosan Glass